Is it Good for the Jews?

Sometime in the 1950s a rabbi at a Brooklyn yeshiva heard a great commotion coming from one of the classrooms, so he walked in to investigate. All of the kids were shouting and jumping up and down. “What’s going on?” he inquired. “The Dodgers just won the pennant!” a little boy exclaimed. “So, is itContinue reading “Is it Good for the Jews?”

Communications chiefs need to be team players

Like him or not, the current President of the United States is an excellent communicator, IMHO, even though I wouldn’t emulate his style. After all, 35 million followers on Twitter can’t be wrong. However, he’s a poor manager, as evidenced by Anthony Scaramucci’s tumultuous 10 days as director of communications. The “Mooch’s” brief tenure makesContinue reading “Communications chiefs need to be team players”