10 Ways to Stay in Front of Customers During the Coronavirus Crisis

It is OK to be concerned with people’s health and safety and to look forward to the return of normal conditions, but that should not be the lead on your 10th message.

Wolf Howls and Washington Quakes

As I finish writing this, the brouhaha over comedienne Michelle Wolf’s performance at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Association dinner is in its fourth day. The response has been predictable: The political and media right is damning Wolf; their counterparts on the left are praising her. I am a true blue Democrat, but I didContinue reading “Wolf Howls and Washington Quakes”

Tax Law Creates Marketing Opportunities

Whether you support it or abhor it, the tax reform legislation just passed by the Republican Congress and signed into law by President Trump will profoundly impact just about every American individual, business and institution, but in different ways. For example, homeowners in high-tax states such as New York, where I live, will only beContinue reading “Tax Law Creates Marketing Opportunities”

Communications chiefs need to be team players

Like him or not, the current President of the United States is an excellent communicator, IMHO, even though I wouldn’t emulate his style. After all, 35 million followers on Twitter can’t be wrong. However, he’s a poor manager, as evidenced by Anthony Scaramucci’s tumultuous 10 days as director of communications. The “Mooch’s” brief tenure makesContinue reading “Communications chiefs need to be team players”