What Colleges Can Learn From the Borscht Belt Resorts

Although many institutional leaders are putting on brave faces and saying publicly they plan to reopen in the fall, enrollment could be as much as 20 percent lower.

Bloomberg’s fall, Biden’s rise show why earned media matters

Take the case of Michael Bloomberg, the billion entrepreneur and former New York City mayor, who reportedly spent nearly a half billion dollars on media in his quest to go up against Donald Trump.
His ads were good, and I liked his positions on the issues so I decided to support him.

How Long Island Colleges Can Overcome Falling Enrollment

This past weekend Newsday reported that the six largest private, non-profit colleges and universities on Long Island as a group lost nine percent of their enrollment between 2012 and 2017. As someone who lives on Long Island and works in higher ed marketing and communications, the story obviously caught my attention. The news did notContinue reading “How Long Island Colleges Can Overcome Falling Enrollment”

How to Make Commencement Memorable

Commencement is probably the most important event of the academic year. It is a celebration of student success, and, at a time of rising skepticism about the value of a college degree, it may be higher education’s best marketing opportunity. Yet, often it is squandered. I worked 11 commencements during my tenure as director ofContinue reading “How to Make Commencement Memorable”

Wolf Howls and Washington Quakes

As I finish writing this, the brouhaha over comedienne Michelle Wolf’s performance at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Association dinner is in its fourth day. The response has been predictable: The political and media right is damning Wolf; their counterparts on the left are praising her. I am a true blue Democrat, but I didContinue reading “Wolf Howls and Washington Quakes”